About Us

We are based in Addis Ababa, Kerekose Sub-City,Kebele 01/19, house No182./183. Our company established in 2012 according to Ethiopian trade Commercial Law. As many businesses in Ethiopia the company comes to existence through three family inspiration shareholders entrepreneur.

Our business focus on exporting organic agricultural products , such as grain pulses and oil seed and provide for global market g and we import construction materials, electronics materials and machinery we have also other firms on plastic industry as well as  real estate.

AB Zone Trading plc moves into new development of expansion by widening up the plastic electrical fitting materials industry.  we are delivering for local market  for  numerous  government agencies , private construction and agri-businesses in delivering its effective and diligent service for  the sector.

AB Zone Trading plc will be one of becoming competitive business firm in manufacturing electrical fittings, supply of construction materials, import, export and servicing sector. So ,for any seeking business to business we were ready to do please don’t hesitate communicate with us